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Starpool represents a balance between opposites: hot and cold, tradition and innovation, imagination and rationality. The company has been active for 40 years now at both national and international level in the design and creation of wellness centres and Spas. Starpool, now credited among the manufacturers of outstanding products made in Italy, began life in the green heart of the Trentino Dolomites in the Val di Fiemme. Its one aim was to give life and form not just to wellness products but also to a genuine all-round culture of wellness, consisting of technology, innovation and design both in the professional and the private spheres. 



This is the concept that summarizes the Starpool wellness concept. Many years of experience lie behind a new idea of well-being where heat, water and relaxation all contribute to solutions that can bring real benefits to the person and to the physique. Starpool offers a balance of opposites: hot and cold, tradition and innovation that is rooted in human history and a culture of well-being that has developed in different ways, times and places. Wellness to regain the ability to “feel well”, wellness as an experience that revolves around the person, its expectations and the needs of the body through careful planning in the creation of environments that can improve the service offered in the modern spa.

Starpool is today recognized as a company that specializes in spa design and, along with its business model based on careful planning, excellent products and outstanding services, it is introducing its idea of well-being to the world. By creating a new way of designing, Starpool has transformed a company based on craftsmanship into a company of international scope with a stylish soul, able to create new ideas for the wellness sector.

With more than 1,400 Spas realised all over the world and 200 dwellings equipped with the home lines, Starpool offers a full range of products with solutions for every wellness concept: hotels, sports halls, day Spas, private Spas, yachts, beauty parlours and homes. There are some products collections, that contain the basic elements of every Spa such as saunas, steam baths, showers and loungers, as well as all additional products and accessories. Alongside the “hardware” Starpool proposes a wide range of complementary services to support customers before, during and after the realisation of the Spa, aimed at ensuring the structuring, organisation and culture of wellness. Starpool projects make use of light, materials, ergonomics and harmonious proportions to ensure maximum functionality and attractive design in Spas that through conscious use achieve the true essence of health. 



“We are delighted to support the ambitious and well-structured You Spa project by providing the knowledge gained over 40 years of activity, building together a network of excellence that can offer a genuine all-round well-being”

states Riccardo Turri, CEO of Starpool.